Hear real climate scientists. Rapping. Proper, like

I’m psychic! Well, almost. But I predicted that this was a video needing to be made. And now it is. Watch it. It’s killer. (Warning: like any rap video, it contains swearing)

Hungrybeast – which was comfortably the best new show on Australian TV last year – are behind the clip. I like it; swipes at climate deniers, drops mention of various impacts, emphasises peer-review, makes fun of political inaction. Wait, no. I like it because it’s short, sharp, very shiny and is something I haven’t seen real climate scientists doing before! Kudos to everyone involved.

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4 thoughts on “Hear real climate scientists. Rapping. Proper, like

  1. It’s doing the rounds at the moment, but it’s certainly clever – although like most work, it will fail to attract the people who really need it.

    I went on to look at more of their work on Youtube. I really liked the one on Scare Tactics and Gina Reinhart – in all, The Hungry Beast is a great outlet.

    • Well, it won’t target the worst of the skeptics, but they are beyond persuasion by ‘preachy’ means anyway. However, it’s good to bust some stereotypes, it’ll be seen by lots of young people and it’s a laugh. Paleontologist? NO!

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  3. Chris

    This is one I have to share with our students, Dave. I’ll send it to all of the teachers in my school.


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