Making a film in 60 minutes: Royal Albert Reverse Runners

What do you do when you have exactly one hour to spare, three people, and a video camera? You make a video, of course!

We spent about two minutes generating ideas, five minutes storyboarding, five minutes getting the equipment ready, ten minutes getting to and from the location, 25 minutes shooting, 5 minutes uploading and 10 minutes editing.

It’s rough, but given the time constraints, I think we achieved a pretty fun little video. Unfortunately I still don’t have my head around video exporting so for some reason, the quality is quite poor. Oh well. Nice work, James and Rosie. Now… you need to figure out how we did it. I can tell you, thinking about how to shoot this in, effectively, one set of takes was a challenge…

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4 thoughts on “Making a film in 60 minutes: Royal Albert Reverse Runners

  1. Will

    Very nice effort for 60mins! Need to shoot it on the 7D next time!

  2. Entertaining! Love the music.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. George


  4. Yes, I think it’d be lots of fun to try it more times. It really requires complete rationalisation of what is shot and edited: is the footage useable? Next shot. Does the edit show what it needs to show? Good. Move on. No finesse, but results!


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