Evening sunshine and a power meeting

My poor 7D has been gathering dust of late. On Thursday I bundled it in to campus in my backpack and gave it a little bit of rust-preventing daylight time. These are a couple of snaps from the amble to Hyde Park for football in the evening, plus a bonus one of a meeting for a secret project.

Londoners dashing about playing sport in the background, but why not just stroll?

It's a fairly boring composition, but the light was so gentle and warm...

Lizzie and Ben thinking hard.

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2 thoughts on “Evening sunshine and a power meeting

  1. Toasty

    Interesting photos. I hope that one of these days you will take alot of photos of the downtown part of London. Showing the people and all the buildings. I would so enjoy seeing that. I recently saw some photos of The London Zoo, and loved seeing all of the beautiful animals there. What a treat. I feel in love with tiny little Conchita, a baby monkey. What a precious little darling.

  2. It looks like beautiful weather in lovely London. We are in Helsinki – great here too.


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