We’re all being gamified

I’ve been delving into the world of games of late. It’s a fascinating topic, and one with a surprising amount of literature and theory behind it. Did you know, for instance, that 6 million person-years have been spent playing World of Warcraft?

Yeah. You can pick your jaw up now, it’s under the desk to the left.

Jane McGonigal has a fascinating TED talk about the possible positive impacts of gaming; it’s very idealistic, but idealism is something I have in fairly substantial measure, so it’s fine! And now, I’m off to playtest a science trivial pursuit game… wish me luck.

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5 thoughts on “We’re all being gamified

  1. wish you luck

  2. Nathan

    I read somewhere that we spend 1.3 million person years on Facebook each month. (500,000,000 users x an average of 45 mins per day).

    That is a scary thought!

  3. Whooaaaa… imagine if we spent that much time picking up litter. We would all have insanely strong hamstrings!

  4. Good luck. I don’t spend any hours playing those games, or fiddling with facebook.

  5. Peter T

    your welcome to all the good luck that has avoided me this month…

    an ot comment here, but i think you might be interested in the following post on the relationship between science and media wrt climate change.



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