Giving A Little Bit

Life’s a funny thing. I grew up listening to Supertramp, but went off them as I explored music for myself. Recently, I’ve grown to really love them – and was keen to see Roger Hodgson at the Royal Albert Hall when I heard he was playing. Unfortunately, after I bought the ticket, I realised it would clash with an important conference I was going to.

Fear not, though! After failed attempts to give (!) the ticket away (yeah, OK, who my age listens to Supertramp?) I took it with me to the conference. Lo and behold, the networking drinks wound down fairly quickly, and I was able to make it to the Hall as he walked onto the stage.

Roger on the keyboard.

His voice doesn’t have quite the strength it used to, but it was an excellent show. Highlights were Lord Is It Mine – much more powerful live – and Don’t Leave Me Now, along with Dreamer and Give A Little Bit which had the (mostly) baby boomer crowd up, singing and dancing away.

The light show was good, but in the upper tier we copped them in the eyes a lot! Click for large size!

Anyway I’m back on the conference beat, learning about science communication… it’s all very logical!

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One thought on “Giving A Little Bit

  1. Chris

    What a fantastic opportunity, David. The first time Supertramp came to Australia, I was in China, and the next time they did not come as far as Adelaide, only Sydney etc. So jealous!


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