What does this say to you?

Click to view it at its optimal size.

I snapped this at the recent Science Communication Conference. I don’t often think my photos have meaning attached, but there’s a lot I see in this one. What does it say to you?

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7 thoughts on “What does this say to you?

  1. I see contrasts.

  2. M@

    Disabled people have functional wings.

  3. Toasty

    It says “unfair” and “frustration” to me…..

  4. Yes, I can’t really figure out what dominates for me… either the tension between round/stepped as a mode of transport, or the hypocrisy of people with functional legs devising a way of moving without any effort!

  5. PeterT

    i picked up on the same thing that M@ did. the escalator doesn’t stop off at the floor that the wheelchair is on.

    it seems like such a small step to nudge towards reduce energy use and increasing health – turn of all escalators. win win. elevators remain for those that need them.

  6. Yup! Though at Angel tube station there’s a giant escalator that would probably be a good hundred or more steps… I can’t even begin to imagine how slow that would be at peak hour. In shopping centres and the like, though, no excuses!

    And yes, it was kind of funny watching people on the ground floor look slightly puzzled as to why they were ascending past the drinks reception. They should have taken the stairs…

  7. Chris

    Aren’t you forgetting the elderly, sick or slightly impaired? Stairclimber by choice! Where is the occupant of lonely wheel chair?


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