SUSY, remember me

Abstruse Goose: the comic with a humanist heart. And a strong nerd streak. Hint: if you predict the punchline by panel 2, you’re nerdtacular, by 5, nerdtastic, by 6, you’re a nerd, and if 9 leaves you cold, you should probably go here and take your pick of these.


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7 thoughts on “SUSY, remember me

  1. Chris

    What is SOL? I did not get it. I thought I was at least a bit of a nerd.

  2. will

    “shit outta luck”…?

  3. Toasty

    weeell…..take the road less traveled. Find ur own Bliss! Especially if u r SOL! I KNOW
    what Susy needs……and it’s NOT wacky tobaccy!

  4. Toasty

    Dave, wish u would tell me where to go on internet to find some really great photos of downtown London. (Just do it, and don’t gripe, okay?)

    • A good start might be to head over to, enter ‘London’ in the search box – the ‘relevant’ photos are quite cool, but if you flick over to the ‘interesting’ tab there are some quite funky shots!


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