Woodland Adventure Snaps: Part 1

I paid a much-needed visit to the English countryside this weekend. Some nice, easy walking around the rolling hills, and a gentle sunset to take some cheesy photos with. Here’s the first couple off the camera!

Takeoff. I only had a wide-angle lens, so the bees got annoyed by how close I kept getting!

There's no dangerous animals, but the plants are sharp! Holly on last light.

More to come after I’ve had some sleep…

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4 thoughts on “Woodland Adventure Snaps: Part 1

  1. I can’t wait. England is beautiful.

  2. Love the holly lighting in your photo. I have to watch out for the Poison Ivy here in Minnesota when walking in the woods.

    • Oooh, that’s nasty! It’s funny, I was continually thinking about all the Australian things: snakes, spiders etc. But here it’s more likely to be nettles or spiky holly! I kind of prefer the plants… they don’t move!

  3. Chris

    Can’t wait to see for myself. Counting the sleeps till UK trip. 2 more!


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