Austra, liana

How good are you with Australian slang? This is the biggest-selling single in Australian history, by comedian Austen Tayshus. He’s a bit of a knob, but this is very clever.

I’ve been to some of those places, seen some of those things… fortunately when I was driving around I never got to Binna Burra.

Is it Roo'd to post the same picture again?

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3 thoughts on “Austra, liana

  1. Austen Tayshus was on Q&A on the ABC the other night. He has aged ever so slightly.

  2. I was reading this piece of news article, and immediately thought of you. It shows how inadequate the scientific community is in relaying information to the public with regards to natural disaster.

    • Interesting. I like the honesty in the piece: it is a tough ask, because scientists aren’t necessarily trained, or required, to communicate, but at the same time, if they’re the ones with access to the most useful information, the onus is on them to share it.


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