Games and [CENSORED]

It's a brand new product, courtesy of the Inside Knowledge team and Imperial Blast...

Tally ho then chaps! My period of extreme mental disintegration (Ben‘s word, not mine) continues. It’s like playing Mariokart Wii on Hard, you just can’t get ahead for long. So up there ^^ is a photo I guess I shouldn’t be showing you (it’s for Monday… or is it?) and down here is a quote from an article I wrote for the Refractive Index:

“Even in a game like Angry Birds, you need to have a hypothesis and experiment with it.” … Science has always been present in some form in video games, from dubious cosmology in Asteroids to taking the hero role of a theoretical physicist in the hit game Half Life. More recently, users have been invited to take on the climate challenge in Fate of the World, or to become experts in protein folding in Foldit.

Read the whole post here!


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One thought on “Games and [CENSORED]

  1. George

    Yes, read the awesome post.


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