This is just eerie. +10000 points to me!

Am I on the bandwagon? I think I might have hopped on *just* before it became a bandwagon. Here’s what I mean (in comic form!):

SMBC - click through to comic page!

That, and the BBC did an article on gamification earlier this week. I’ve been harping on about it all term and my radio package, due next week, is about it. It’s everywhere! WIN?

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2 thoughts on “This is just eerie. +10000 points to me!

  1. Henk

    Well the word gamification got me in a bit. In Australia “gamin” or “gammon” is part of local argot for bullshitting or tyryng to fool people, not a new concept by any means

    • Indeed. We Aussies treat bullshit as an artform! It’s far too easy to fool people here in London, they take you at face value even when you’re telling them things like ‘David Attenborough never really made it in Australia’… oh, the trusting fools.


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