Wordling and Designing

At about 01:00 last, er, morning (?) I was dancing in my room to “The Way We Get By” by Spoon. To be fair, I’d been working almost nonstop on a website since 10am the previous morning, and I’d just pseudo-finished.

It was still weird.

You’ll get to see the slightly dubious results soon (I’m uploading it today) but don’t get your hopes up – like an amateur photographer who’s just bought a new SLR, my skills don’t match the equipment! The concept of the site is a nice one, but there’s a few things to be desired. But I won’t slag it off too much before you see it.

In the meantime… ever seen one of these before?

It's a science wordle!

If you want to know what it’s about, check out our latest Inside Knowledge short post.

And finally, some music that helped me get through. This video is just great (and Paul Simon is so short!):

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One thought on “Wordling and Designing

  1. Chris

    Actually, Dave, to be fair, Chevy Chase is a very tall guy!


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