A video, a promise and a drag queen

This post is going to be exactly what it says on the label. Let’s do it in order. A video I made for the Inside Knowledge blog to start with, eh?

It’s best to run it in high-res at full screen (of course I would say that). It’s a reflective look at the weeks we’ve spent photographing and videoing the lab. They’ve been really helpful and patient with us, hovering around, snapping away.

On the technical side, I used Andreamosaic to generate different resolution mosaics of captured still frames from the videos, then blended it all together in Final Cut Pro. A couple of bits are a little suss, but I really loved the effect when I first put it together and hope to tinker with it more in the future.

Next: the promise. July will be a lot more entertaining on here than June was! I spent so much time in June writing, recording and creating elsewhere, that my blog seemed to be reduced to a “hey, look over there” festival. This month you’ll be seeing some good new articles, probably starting with ’10 things I hate about London’ later in the week!

And finally… a drag queen. I took my camera on a trip to the London Pride parade on the weekend and while it wasn’t as outlandish as a Carnivale, there was lots of colour and lots of character, which is great from behind the lens… you’ll be seeing more shots from it soon!

It was actually that pink in real life. I didn't think it was possible. My eyes were sore for a while after.

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4 thoughts on “A video, a promise and a drag queen

  1. That goes way beyond even Schiaperelli pink.

  2. Elizabeth

    OMG!! TOO, TOO FUNNY! I WOULD LOVE TO VISIT LONDON! I would enjoy visiting the zoo!
    I have seen some fabulous photos of the animals. I feel in love with a baby monkey that the keeper had wrapped in a blanket while feeding it a bottle. Sweetest little face. It feel asleep
    in keepers arms. Just a little darling.

    Have u been to New York? Hope so. It’s pretty neat. (The Gay Blade,s wig must weight 50 lbs!)

  3. Chris

    Definitely NOT “Pretty In Pink”, but no shortage of confidence!


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