Welcome to a World of Colour

I made a website! It seeks to explore a little bit of the question: what makes a world colourful? There’s 4 representatives, each capable of changing the colour of their world: the Salties, Greenies, Rusties and Gassies. You can meet each one, see the challenges they face and get a taste of their world, all in a bright and easy to digest form.

You can also critique my n00b web design skills.

Click on the image to enter…

Click to enter a world of colour!

I’d love your feedback (bear in mind it’s mostly aimed at high-school age). What works? What doesn’t? And what would you do if green plants were actually black?

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to a World of Colour

  1. George

    Really great Dave. Would be perfect for GCSE to A-Level audience, depending on whether they ‘dig deeper’ or not. Looks lovely, and all links work. Perfect.

    • Cheers George! Not sure about perfect, but as far as a small website goes, I’m happy with it. Given more time to tinker and learn and write I’m sure it could be better, but for now… it sits there!


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