In with the new, funk with the old

Two things keep me sane when I’m working hard: music and milkshakes (well, the second is optional). Here’s a couple of tunes that have melted my ears recently: one from a recent release, and one from the 70’s that you’ve probably never heard, but should have.

This is the stunning title track to City and Colour’s new album. During the slow build, Dallas weaves his usual melancholy magic, but the soaring choruses at the end give me chills.

And this is a change of pace. A chilled out 70’s funk tune from Cymande, I heard this at a house party last Friday and freaked out. It was used on the bodyboarding DVD Supastars 2, and featured in a section where two guys found and surfed a spot in Western Australia. It’s a ludicrous wave, breaking almost straight onto a rock ledge, but the tune and the tone of the clip were just about having fun and going a bit nuts out in the wilderness. Here’s a couple of shots of the wave, by Peter Quinn:

The pulled-back view.

And getting inside a crystal clear, flaring barrel. How shallow is it!

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3 thoughts on “In with the new, funk with the old

  1. Elizabeth

    Is that you in the waves?? Wow! That looks scary…and exciting! BE CAREFUL!

    Hey! You need to get ‘ol Pepto Peter that u had on the last blog back! Also, please take some photos of the London Zoo…especially the baby monkeys. Please.

    Mercy! I love those drums on second album!

    • Hey, no, it’s not me in the waves – I wish! Though that wave is crazy. I’ve not had a chance to hit London Zoo yet, not enough time!

  2. Elizabeth

    Oh, I just read that New Zeland is having some HORRIBLE weather. Hope everyone makes it out safely!


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