A new twist on an old theme

I’ve changed the format of my blog a little. It looks a bit fresher and different. The image links on the left are more prominent, the header section has changed a bit, and things like comments and category tags are highlighted in posts more. What do you think?

I’m not sold on the header image yet…

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8 thoughts on “A new twist on an old theme

  1. I like it, looks really good :)

  2. Anonymous

    Like the new format!

  3. I just wish I could change the tags away from that slightly offputting magenta colour!

  4. ermmm… can I disagree? I liked the older look better. :(

  5. I like it, but I did like the old header.

  6. Elizabeth

    A bit too void…needs more eye appeal. Fill the emptyness. Fill the blankness. I think it needs more greenery or rivers, streams, maybe sunsets…maybe busy streets filled with interesting people coming and going. LIFE IN ACTION…bringing the world together, somehow. OR magical, starlit nights, hauntingly beautiful night scenes. Perhaps a lone wolf in the moonlight…you KNOW! People laughing at a gathering…sharing happy times. Maybe the London Zoo..something new each week. (Like Pepto Peter and the BIG wig!! lol LOVED IT!)

  7. I like it!

  8. Chris

    The image links are actually on the right for me. Maybe that is because we are upside down in Oz. I think that Elizabeth is right about filling some spaces, but not with congestion or info, just good colour or images.


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