The tinkering continues

I’m not sure if I like this. There is a bit too much obtrusive stuff. Hmmm. Currently struggling to find a theme I like! Any thoughts on this one?

Oh, and just to make your click here worthwhile, a photo:

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6 thoughts on “The tinkering continues

  1. Anna

    Hi Dave,
    I like this one more then the last one but the headline “the tinkering…” and “comment” look bad, maybe just colours are wrong and the bending looks bad as on right side of the page it is fine. I really like the top of the page, very classy.
    Good luck in finging the perfect theme

    • Yes, unfortunately because this is a free, fixed WordPress template I can’t change the look very much. Background and sidebars yes, but I can’t get rid of the bending or change the style of the post title (“the tinkering”). Oh well, I’ll keep trying! Thanks for the feedback.

  2. I quite like this one.

  3. I think I like this better than the last one… it appears that you are finally reaching the point of creator’s dissent that is eventually followed by the shift from to the full, self hosted! Why son’t you check out twenty eleven?

    • I tried it, but the header image and design takes up loads of the top part of the page. If there was a way of shrinking the header so that, on the initial page load, the first post was more visible, it’d be great. I do like the design.

      I think I’m going to ‘jump’ soon, or at least get a custom upgrade or two!

  4. Chris

    So out of my depth on this one. Good luck finding the best fit.


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