My first summer birthday!

There’s been lots more firsts since my last birthday. Here’s a sampler for your factoid pleasure. I’ve…

  • Barn Danced
  • Rapped on live radio (it’s live… so no, you can’t hear it!)
  • Seen real snow

It was like in the movies. But cold.

  • Crossed the equator
  • Gone off alcoholic spirits, but developed a taste for ale
  • Been for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean

Ballybunion, the site of my chilly Atlantic encounter... click to see the full image!

  • Recorded a podcast (gamification; see the icon, top left!)
  • Interviewed a scientist
  • Visited the Northern tip of Australia

I made it! Without shaving for a week beforehand. Errr...

  • Been nominated for a Blog award
  • Seen a West End musical

There’s a bunch of other things too, but that would be telling. Anyway, I’m off to enjoy the day! I hope it doesn’t rain…

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11 thoughts on “My first summer birthday!

  1. Chris

    Happy Birthday Dave!

  2. Happy birthday David. May you keep scoring firsts and enthralling us with your writing… :)

    P.S.: How is it going with the design hunting for the blog? :-) Have you checked out vigilance? But I guess that one is out too on account of its large header image (you can keep it off, you know?)!

    • I’ll check it out tomorrow! There’s a couple I’ve had my eye on. It just takes a bit of messing about because the widgets don’t always transfer smoothly. I only got through about 5 pages of the list so far.

      • That is why I prefer to get email updates on my personal email ID (not the one I use for official work! I’d be deluged). You can run from your blog reader but not your email!!!

  3. George


  4. Happy birthday.

  5. Happy birthday!!!! You´ve done a lot since your last birthday.
    I wish you more adventures in this new period!!!!
    BTW … yes, it was live, but … did you happen to record it?? I´d like to hear that LOL

    • No, we record an hour show each week and after it stopped recording, but while the station was still playing out live, Ben and I did a rap duet. So the handful of lucky live listeners were treated to it…

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you’re having a great one, and that the year ahead is just as exciting.

    Like the new look of your blog!

    PS: Left a comment on one of your older posts (about Click!) – hope you saw it. I’m just way behind on my blog reading.

    • Yes, I saw it! I’ve been neglecting my blog reader for a month now – I’m terrified of checking it, I think it’s now in the 4-digits of unread items. One day I’ll have time again…

  7. Elizabeth

    And, on top of everything you’ve experienced, YOU’RE SOOOO CUTE! lol

    Continued success and safely on your adventures!

    Wish you the happiest birthday ever! Stay Safe! Hope that you will come to America
    soon. Start with New York, and go to Key West, Fla. Think you will love it!


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