Is this the design I will settle upon?

And other important questions.

Actually, no, just that one.

The header is a placeholder, I’m sure I’ll design a new one. So is the background, but I did want something dark around the edges to make it distinct where the edges lie.

Couple of things I’d like your thoughts on – is the header area too big, and do you like the fact that the posts go on to single pages when you click on them (ie the right sidebar disappears)?

As a bonus for being patient with me, if you give feedback, feel free to leave a suggestion for a blog topic/random question you’d like answered. I’ll pick one and do it!

Eden in vivid sepia.


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21 thoughts on “Is this the design I will settle upon?

  1. Will

    header is too big, and the gradient background is awful, plus the column of text is too narrow, meaning that too much scrolling is required… really nice text font though, and i like the header image….

  2. M@

    I laughed when I saw the pic I spoofed as the header for this blog this morning :p
    – Coming from a guy who knows dick about webdesign; Large header is a bit obtrusive, but makes an impact for the initial page, can it be made smaller/cropped to a thinner version for subsidiary pages featuring the full articles? Sidebar disappearing is fine – makes it easier to read on handheld devices.

  3. Anna

    Header is slightly too big, the gradient is too big (haven’t you had it smaller on your previous post, the previous version I really liked?) , besides there are too wide margins, but I like the idea of the post on a single page, when it is on side it looks like advertising links.
    Nice colouring and with this design it should be easy to fit other photo (something less depressing) in a header at some point, shouldn’t it?

  4. Can’t you just switch the header image off?

  5. maybe you could give the vigilance theme a shot.

  6. Vigilance was a bit minimal for my liking. This one, zBench, seems to be OK, though the text is a bit small. The last one’s header area was just *too* big, and a lot of the dead space was still there when I knocked out the header.

    Oh well. When I get time I’ll just DIY!

    • This is definitely better than the last one. You can always use typekit in order to get fonts of your choice to go with your website. I figure the best option would be to migrate to a self hosted site but in that case, you will lose a bit of te community love. But on the other hand you could use a thesis theme with some specific skin you like and get a lot of seo mileage behind your blog…

      I personally do not want to bother myself with the hosting issues so prefer to stay on…

      • Yes, I think with a bit of investigation the custom upgrades could achieve what I want. And being on wordpress is an advantage!

  7. Yeah this one is definitely better than the previous one.
    The header was too big, and the middle column too narrow I thought.
    Can’t you just increase the font size with some simple CSS tweaking?

    • You need to pay to get access to custom CSS. Basic wordpress themes are black-boxed. It’s not expensive, but if I’m going to pay I’d rather pay for my own site. Though it might be an option. Hopefully people know ctrl-+…

  8. I like it!

  9. Elizabeth

    Very interesting subject. Quiet beautiful, and I like the action of the waves. Shorten scrolling
    time if possible.

  10. Elizabeth

    It’s amazing how much the tree and limb on the right, give the photo balance, and interest. As an
    artist, I do this often when painting.

  11. Elizabeth

    A scientist friend of mine from Oklahoma is now in London for the first time. She made a list
    of her impressions. Really interesting. I will bring it here (or somewhere else) if u would like
    to read it.


  12. Elizabeth

    Oh, one thing she said that really surprised me is that downtown London is much more crowded then downtown New York! Hard to believe! She also said that her husband could eat Fish n’ Chips three times a day! lol

  13. Uh… looks the same. Like the photo you posted, though…

    • Yeah, it’s not identical but it’s quite close to the old one (it’s been through about 4 versions since I first posted this!). I am going to change the header though, it’s a little old!

  14. You really want my opinion?!

    Firstly, I prefer it to the last one you had. Has all the basics in place. Although I would change the font – it’s a little small.

    I would change the header image to include your blog title. See: as an example.

    Yes, I do like the side bar to disappear when you’re on a single page. Makes you concentrate on the content. Can you do that in this theme?

    Not quite convinced yet that this is the theme which suits your content best . . .

    • I love that header! Really good example. I think I’ll get working on something like that. The theme doesn’t allow for multiple post options – gah! I’m wondering if, perhaps, twenty eleven is worth a shot if I can get rid of the header text and incorporate the blog title in. Might reduce the dead space at the top I hate so much!

  15. I like it too!

  16. Chris

    WTF? Content surely most important???


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