Transition complete. You are EPIC.

Google+. Facebook. Twitter. RSS feeds. The internet telling us what we want to hear. Who cares? Did you see that crazy video of a Great White Shark getting stuck inside a cage with a diver? Oh My God!

Welcome to EPIC. It’s a video that will change the way you look at the internet – and it’s from waaaay back in 2004. It’s not long, but it’s also not embeddable, so you’ll have to click the link to watch it. I posted it a year ago, but it seems to grow more relevant with every passing week. And while the middle part goes on a little aimlessly, the last minute or so practically hits you in the face.

But I know what you want to see. It’s the shark in a cage.

You mean you didn’t get it on your feed already?

*Note; this is rather old content and I did a post about it a year ago. It just seems to grow, not wane, in currency…

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7 thoughts on “Transition complete. You are EPIC.

  1. Anonymous

    It’s a bit over the top isn’t it? Lol. The narration made everything sound sinister….”GOOGLEZON!!!!!!!!”

    In other news, I scored an invite to Google+, so let me know if you want an invite and i’ll send you one. I think it’s waaaay better than facebook – security and privacy is done so much better.

    • Yes, it does sound sinister and cheesy, but the end part hits a bit too close to home for me. Look at the front page of most major news sites and see what is ‘popular’ or ‘shared’ – 4/5 are sensationalist rubbish. Currently on BBC: “US woman cuts off husband’s penis”, “UK ticket wins $161m Euromillions”, “Eye on the World: David Peat’s Street Photography”, “The science behind weather lore” and “Window crash owl leaves imprint”.

      • Will

        By the way, i came up as anonymous cause i forgot to include my name…my bad. I agree it takes a bit of time to wade through the garbage news, but it’s kinda like that in most print newspapers as well… I think the news outlets/media is to blame, rather than Google!

        Also, that offer for Google+ still stands – you need a gmail though….i think it’s going public at end of this month – i reckon it is a serious competitor for facebook…

        • Have emailed you. I don’t think Google is to blame for the proliferation of crap in the media, but the problem raised in the video is that, increasingly, as people get their news and information online, the content they see is being filtered by algorithms based on what they ‘like’. So conservatives will see more conservative articles and vice versa. While we could do that to a basic extent by choosing to purchase certain magazines or newspapers, it is a decision made consciously. Online content filtering and recommendation systems are not transparent.

  2. I love Google+…. =)

  3. I’ve been reading about this recently. And it has me more and more concerned. I read this New Scientist article just a couple of days ago:

    Initially, I wasn’t concerned about my data being tracked. “I’ve got nothing to hide,” I thought. I was naive. It’s not about the information I give them, it’s about how they use that information to shape the information they give me.

    When I first read that my Google results are now different from someone else’s for the exact same search I realized I’ve contributed to something that is going to get bad. It is worse than reading a conservative or a liberal publication. I can always choose a different publication if I want another perspective. But how do I get a different perspective if Google only gives me links to liberal points of view?

    Sorry, that is a worried wall-o-text, but that video is poignant and only adds to my concerns. Thanks for posting the link, I am re-sharing it across my networks.

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