Love video games? Then you’re a perfect scientist!

What if all the world’s not a stage, but a game? The men and women would still be players, but of a very different kind. And scientists would be the biggest gamers of all…

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I wrote this for the final issue of Imperial student newspaper Felix. I like the analogy, and find that it works on many levels. And yeah, yeah, I’ve been going on about games a lot recently, but this is a very different angle to the other stuff! Hope you enjoy, and I’d love to hear your thoughts – does the analogy work?

This isn't really panda abuse, its just button mashing in Tekken

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6 thoughts on “Love video games? Then you’re a perfect scientist!

  1. M@

    I like team fortres 2.

  2. Mary

    I don’t likw games. Period. My husband, who is a Prof., loves them, and plays too many! imo

  3. Mary

    oops like

    The last time that I was here, you were bitching about which photo to place up top….r u being
    wishy washy?? I’d love to see some folks of London. How about that?

    • Mary, I don’t take many people pictures in London. Other than tourist areas (which aren’t very interesting in terms of people – mostly just foreign people with cameras and backpacks staring at maps) people are quite suspicious of having their photos taken. Plus, I don’t really enjoy taking photos of people in general. If you have a look somewhere like Flickr, I’m sure you can find them though!

  4. Chris

    I’m with Mary on the computer games. Rather engage with the real world. Are you wishy washy? I prefer to think you are just varying your topics. After all, too many posts about “Does my font look big in this format” might drive away interested people.

    • I think there’s been 3, and I disagree – the design of a site is important and if I want people to enjoy visiting I need to know if they like the look of it. It’s hard to settle on a good theme so I ask for feedback. If the text is too small, that will drive people away. If they struggle to read light text on a dark background, that will drive people away. If they hate big bold images on the right, that will drive people away!


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