At times, I work as a journalist. In that sense, the staff in the Herald and Weekly Times building are my colleagues. This makes me feel a bit like whorehouse linen. No doubt they all say they’re just doing their jobs, looking for opportunities. Nonetheless, they’re still actively promoting harm for the sake of attracting an audience. Concentration camp guards are just doing their jobs, too. Read on…

If you are Australian, please read this article. Please share this article. It cuts through so much of the crap polluting our media and society right now.

This taps into a very prominent feature of our political landscape: the constant line from Tony Abbott that Australian families are hurting, that Aussies are doing it tough, that life is somehow getting harder, that the cost of living is on the rise.

Shenanigans, Tony. Let’s get one thing very clear. Australians, en masse, are enjoying a better standard of living than has ever been enjoyed in this country’s history.

And not just marginally, but by a huge degree. Really, along with a few other developed countries, we are enjoying a better standard of living than any group of people has in human existence.

Bravo, Geoff Lemon.

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3 thoughts on “Scorching!

  1. M@

    Well it’s become pretty clear that newspapers like the Australian, SMH and many others from newscorp have been running columns daily beating the drum on the issues with the ‘great big’ carbon tax without a fair and equal weighting for it seemingly pushing a liberal agenda.

    • Yes, although the SMH’s website did have a couple of good pieces – not sure if they showed up in the print copy. The grip of the media on Australian politics is tight… kind of wishing a scandal like News Intl and the Murdoch debacle over here at the moment could break globally and include Fairfax!

      • M@

        Hmm well it has been talked about on the ABC news/discussions… Bob Brown was saying something on the issue this evening about the fact that the alleged form of phone hacking in Australia hasn’t been properly legislated against so he made a statement that he thinks something should be done about that…

        On another note; if any of this is true: I think there’s bound to be some massive implications for the any news is reported (if the current evidence stacking up against News of the World isn’t already enough!).


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