The full spectrum

A couple of weeks ago I checked out the London Pride parade. I’ve not had a chance until today to take a look back through the hundreds of photos I took – colourful people, clothes, floats and flags. Here’s a selection from the sidelines. It was good fun!

The London streetscape was a slightly odd backdrop for the event.

I wasn't the only one with a camera...

Some people were positively posing, like the TFL Bus driver.

The Older Lesbians were a highlight, with war cries and songs.

The NHS had a contingent there - I wasn't expecting so much corporate representation.

I also experimented with some slow shutter shots - the action was frenetic!

Another slow shutter job. I think this fellow was on roller skates!

Soho was packed, obviously, after the parade. Took a while to find somewhere for a beer.

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3 thoughts on “The full spectrum

  1. Mary

    Really like this ! Love the people’s expressions, and the buildings. Thank you!

  2. Hey dude! How you doing? Are you still taking comments for your new blog design?? Cuz I like this one. :)

    Happy Rainbow Day.

    • Thanks for the comment! Yes, I like the overall design here – little bit wider for pictures etc. I’m not quite sold on the font I’ve used for my header but I think with some tweaking it could be good!


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