Postcards from Berlin

I’ve been in Berlin this week, and like any good postcard, this one’s arrived after the trip finished. There’s a lot I’d love to share about Berlin but right now, I’ll just give you a taste of a couple of the experiences I had there.

Soldiers salute in Berlin

We stumbled across a military parade in preparation for Nicolas Sarkozy's visit.

Brandenburger Tor on sunset

The light was perfect for the Brandenburger Tor on the first evening. Unfortunately it was cloudy for the rest of the trip. Click to see this photo at full size!

The second day was spent on the tourist trail; this is the main hall of the immense Pergammon Museum, and the frozen moment of a photo in the middle of the swirling mass of people.

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5 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin

  1. Thomas Welch

    Nice photos Dave – I really like the top one in particular!

  2. We travel to Germany often but have never been to Berlin. Good photos.

  3. Cheers guys! Many more to come when I get around to processing them.

  4. I like the one of the Brandenberg gate. You are right the light is perfect. It also looks good shining on the happy faces of the soldiers.

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing! Photos are so interesting. What an amazing life you live! You are doing it right!


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