But it’s my first day!

I’m doing my first full day of my work placement today. I’ll be at the Science Museum working with Lotto Labs, and the job over the next couple of days will be to prepare for the upcoming Science Museum Lates event. If you’re in London, it starts at 6:45pm this Wednesday. There will be an 8-person string assembly playing live, and the music will be transferred to a 77-speaker soundwall and mixed in real time to create a soundscape. You’ll need to book a place in advance, or be one of the first through the door to get a place!

I’ve also been digging around in my archives, and found this, which I don’t think has seen light of day before.

Main Beach on the Gold Coast

This is about as late as you can take a barrel photo and still see anything...

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6 thoughts on “But it’s my first day!

  1. Cool shot :) . Straddie was magical last week mate !

  2. How the hell do you take such pics!!! :O Brilliant one!

  3. Cheers Nic, but I don’t want to hear about Straddie! Pranab, basically, you go out in some good waves, hold a little camera out in your hand as long as possible as it breaks over you, and try not to get too smashed by it!

  4. Mary Beth

    WOW! Such energy and excitement in this photo! Truly great!


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