Official* A-Z of Australia’s Strangest Jobs

How strange is your job? And if you were able to give yourself a job title, what would it be? While browsing the Australian Tax Office’s e-tax list of jobs for a job name that I thought would fit what I do (no luck), I found an alphabet of strange, wacky and wonderful sounding jobs that people claim, on their tax returns, that they work in.

  • Amusement Park Attendant – Rides (let’s start with a fun one)
  • Brothel Keeper
  • Chocolate Packer (I can’t help but think this is a euphemistic joke)
  • Dog racing judge
Dog racing judge

Errr, is that what they mean? Photos: Flickr//sarah...//John McNab

  • Egg grader
  • Food technologist (Imagine someone saying this in a posh, condescending accent)
  • Grave Digger
  • Hunter-trapper
  • Ice Cream Van Vendor
Ice Cream Van

Joy dispenser - best job in the world? Credit: Photopedia/Ryan Opaz.

  • Jillaroo (the female version of a Jackaroo – very Aussie)
  • Knife Sharpener
  • Lagger (I have no idea what this is. The dictionary gives it as: “A condition of slowness or retardation.”)
  • Master Fisher (Modest Fisher? Nah)
  • Noxious Weeds Inspector
  • Oyster Farm Overseer (putting the word overseer makes this position sound sinister)
  • Powder Monkey (these were young boys who carried gunpowder on ships before the 20th century. They still exist? And get paid? And taxed?)
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Rag Cutter (because that’s profitable)
  • Slaughterer
Blood Slaughterer

"Jimmy, your career aptitude test results are... worrying. Just put the... OH GOD!" Credit: DakkaDakka

  • Tree Faller (sic) (I don’t know if this is meant to be feller, or if my grasp of English has disappeared)
  • Undertaker
  • Vehicle Body Builder (I understand what this means, but I still read it differently)
  • Whitewater Rafting Guide
  • X (was regrettably blank; I propose Xenophobe, for Andrew Bolt and Tony Abbott)
  • Yarn Carding and Spinning Machine Operator (That’s a long, complicated description. Is it a sewing thing? Actually no, I think I saw one of these in an Irish cashmere store showing a documentary)
  • Zookeeper

Honourable mentions must go to Cattery Operator and Lay Preacher. Cattery is a funny word to start with, and operator makes it sound like machinery. “Oh yes, I’m a forklift operator.” “Really? Great! I operate a cattery. It’s just as loud as your forklift, but tends to jump into boxes, not lift them.”

Now it’s your turn. What’s the most outlandish, but still true, job title you could give yourself? Be creative; let’s make our own alphabet!

*This may not be an official list, but they are apparently ATO-approved roles! I want to be a paid lagger…

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7 thoughts on “Official* A-Z of Australia’s Strangest Jobs

  1. Henk

    I think laggers lag pipes which is to say they insulate them. Not sure if they keep the heat in or out

  2. Alana

    Cricket seller
    Snake Dancer
    Roust About


  3. Ah, fair enough Henk. I like the dictionary definition more though. Alana, Roust About – are you sure you get paid for that?

    I think the silliest role I’ve been paid for would be something like Worm Catcher or, if you mind the language, Shit Stirrer. If you count municipal wastewater as, well, shit. Which it partially is. And smells like.

  4. So does the ice cream van vendor sell ice cream or ice cream vans? :P

  5. M@

    You missed blogging as a profession.

  6. Heh. If only I got paid…

    Perhaps I should do a similar list of amateur activities?


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