Street Art: A Natural History

From the soon-to-graduate crop of science communicators at Imperial comes this cool little documentary about street art in East London…

The team, Charlie, Tom and Rachel did a really nice job in my opinion, especially considering their relative lack of experience with the medium. The link between the ecological concept of succession and the gentrification of East London was compelling. As someone familiar with the idea, I found myself guessing what was going to happen quite early, but the story told was still intriguing and I think could apply to many places. I give them bonus points for using The Walls Get Smaller as the closing music… well played, whoever that was!

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One thought on “Street Art: A Natural History

  1. I have a thing with street art and I photograph it whenever I have the chance as a way to preserve it. I´ve seen so many great murals and graffitties that now are gone due to the passing of time that I´m just happy to know that I got some of them in a picture!


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