Spot the Detail

This shot is OK, but there’s a little detail that makes me like it all the more. It was taken at about 1am on a clear, cool night, and the streets were empty. Can you see what I see?

The Brandenburger Tor, late at night.

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4 thoughts on “Spot the Detail

  1. M@

    Just a guess (i haven’t measured it…) but architectural application of the ‘golden’ aspect ratio? (you know you can calculate closer and closer to the true value of that number if you divide increasingly large pairs of subsequent Fibonacci numbers?)

  2. It is a great photo, I see a lone man wandering across, but I don’t know what you see.

  3. M@

    … it also has Doric order when you look at the frieze (with those 3 pilliars featuring inside the stone), the blank architrave and capital… the shafts and cornice aren’t as distinguishable though. Am I close?

  4. M@, no, you’re way off, but I agree, the architecture is excellent!

    It was just the detail of the lone guy in front of the pillar. There was no-one around and it was like the most subtle photo-bomb ever.


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