Hope in a can

I got a bit Space Shuttled out this year, but one comment caught me off guard. I shouldn’t have been surprised – it’s from Abstruse Goose, one of my favourite comics.

It was one of the only genuine "awwwww" moments of the Shuttle coverage for me.

So last Friday, I made the small effort of queuing up for twenty minutes to get a close-up look inside the Apollo 10 command capsule when the Science Museum opened the hatch to the public.

Apollo 10 Command Capsule

It's a fairly uninspiring thing to look at - until you reflect on the fact that it carried people to the moon and back, 40 years ago.

I personally put my hope in power generation as the inspirational change of the next century; what field would you like to see, leaping forward into the future?

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3 thoughts on “Hope in a can

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  2. M@

    I’m going to strap myself to a lit firecracker and see how it works out.


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