That suburb looks like Australia!

No, really. Check out this picture from a gallery of spectacular aerial photography documenting urban sprawl. It’s pretty cool.

In other news, this morning, after putting in a nomination as a pub-inspired joke, I went for an audition for the show Wipeout. I’ve always wanted to have a crack at the course, and managed to make the cut today, so the decision is with the producers if I get the final green light! I could be one of these guys:

But hopefully not this, the most brutal of obstacles:

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4 thoughts on “That suburb looks like Australia!

  1. M@

    heh i want to see you navigate the sucker punch

    • I just hope I get on; I would absolutely LOVE to have a crack at the course! Apparently it’s a new set of obstacles too… probably brutal!

  2. John

    Watched Wipe Out USA last night to see what you might face. Hope you are in training for both fitness and gymnastics!! Looks seriously hard, and fun.

  3. Alana

    I really hope that you get a chance! I think you’ll do really well! Good Luck to you!


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