Crikey, that’s big!

Check out the highlights of yesterday’s massive swell at Teahupoo, Tahiti. If you want to skip to the most insane bit, jump to about 2:40… terrifyingly big and powerful. Remember, just under the surface of the water is sharp coral reef!

There’s also a really well-written account of the day here; check it out to hear about the consequences of such a day.

Raimana struggles to his feet and very slowly makes his way up on to more or less dry land, where Luke Egan carefully helps him peel off his wetsuit. He has a deep grazed bruise all the way down his right side, from shoulder to knee. “I was in it,” he says, meaning the wave, “and then it just swung around and threw me. I hit HARD, man.”

“You were saved by your wetsuit,” says Luke.

“And my PFD,” says Raimana. The reef has torn him up through a life vest and a wettie.

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3 thoughts on “Crikey, that’s big!

  1. Alana

    Oh my! Is it worth it?? Or just plain stupid to put your life on the line for a BIG WAVE?

  2. M@

    Last wave @ 3:23; Certain Death.

  3. Alana; most people would think it’s plain stupid, they must think it’s worth it! Or, when falling into the depths of the ocean, they probably have second thoughts… and M@, I’m genuinely surprised no-one died on some of these waves. Mad.


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