Tooth Fairy Palaces and Ivory Towers

OK, so I didn’t get my choice of title on the article. But here’s a taste:

Sara and Gina are collecting baby teeth, to build a palace.

Gina: “The experiment has gone so far, without even being made, that it’s become an interesting journey. What we saw as the end was actually the start.”

Sara: “And the end doesn’t matter so much.”

Gina: “There is no end. But I don’t want to be sticking teeth to a sculpture for the next ten years.”

Anna Perman and I wrote a final major article for the Inside Knowledge blog collaboration with the Imperial College Blast research group. It’s about science outreach: why do scientists do it, what is it for and can it be a bad thing? They’re big questions to tackle, and we can’t offer anything more than informed thoughts. If you’re into science, either on the doing, communicating or hearing about side of things, I’d love it if you could read the article and leave your thoughts either here or over on PLoS.

Colourful Dice

My new job, starting mid September, will be helping to co-ordinate science outreach with Lottolab Studio. And it means I get to play with giant colourful dice.

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One thought on “Tooth Fairy Palaces and Ivory Towers

  1. George

    Nice post on Inside Knowledge, and those dice are prrrrettty cool too.


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