Where I’d Rather Be

It’s just ticking over midday on a Monday. I’ve written 1000 words so far today; time for a quick break and a mental visit to one of my favourite places.

Waves surging over a rocky shelf at Innes National Park, South Australia.

I took this photo looking down from a clifftop. The landscape of Innes National Park is salty, barren and twisted, with a spectacular blue ocean and orange cliffs.

Innes National Park

Dirt roads, hot winds, cold water, powerful Southern Ocean swells and blue sky.

The inhabitants of this landscape are hard to spot, but feisty. Anyway, I can’t dwell too long in my far-away fantasy: another 9000 words are waiting to be written!

Tiliqua rugosa, sleepy lizard

The Stumpy Tail, Tiliqua rugosa, is often sleepy but sometimes sparky...

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5 thoughts on “Where I’d Rather Be

  1. Alana

    That little Stumpy Tail looks mean! lol What a lovely beach. Start making plans to visit as soon as you complete your writing. You will deserve a nice break by then! I wish you lots of success, and lots of luck!


  2. Wow. Wish that was within driving distance for me!

  3. Thanks guys – I wish it was within driving distance, or that I even had a car to get somewhere comparable! London isn’t known for its sweeping open spaces and cliffs :-s Oh well, I’ve been there enough times to visit it when I shut my eyes…

  4. great picture “Tiliqua rugosa” or what ever the name is..

  5. Anonymous

    It’s where I’d rather be too. . For sure. :)


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