Draw your own adventure

Click here, and draw your own adventure. Seriously. It’s fun, and it’s only a couple of minutes. Do it!

In other news, I got an unwelcome call that the room I was hoping to move into today isn’t available anymore, so I’m temporarily of no fixed address. That will make blogging trickier than usual. Consider this an official ‘excuse’ (and as far as excuses go, I think it’s a pretty decent one).

Here’s a good song by Aussie band Birds of Toyko – Russian Roulette (live).

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5 thoughts on “Draw your own adventure

  1. Cheers dude .. love the stickman! This is how I am spending my Saturday evening.. :). Hope you find a place to live soon. x

  2. M@

    … every balloon I drew looked like a ‘weird egg’ :p

  3. Yes, I was quite irritated by that, my balloon was lovely! Cheers Christy, I am sure I will work something out…

  4. Chris

    That was great fun. Clever little message in the end.


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