Guessing Game: Feathery Photos

I took these photos last week. They’re beautiful. What are they?

Click for large size (makes an interesting wallpaper!)

Here’s a hint: It’s a halfway point, and it changes constantly (oooh, oxymoron…). And even if you don’t know what they are, what do they remind you of?

Note: these photos have not been digitally altered or enhanced! Straight out of the camera.

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6 thoughts on “Guessing Game: Feathery Photos

  1. the top one reminds me of icecream, the bottom one like looking into another planet of dirt and feather trees…Awesome pics!

  2. Velociraptor, obviously!!

  3. so what is it? The bottom one looks like icy flames . .

  4. OK, so here’s the reveal: it is ice crystals growing, in a thin sheet of water over a cold light-box. The light-box is polarised, and shot was taken through a second polariser. By turning my polariser, it produces the colours. The feathery patterns are the water crystallising – it’s amazing to watch!


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