Two poses: one frozen, one nonchalant

For some reason, this shot's composition just kind of jumped at me.

In other news, I have secured a room in a house. Two weeks until I move in – in which time my blogging will continue to be somewhat sparse – but the burden is off my mind!

By the way – the shadows in this picture make me think it’s an optical illusion, because it looks like the bench and statue are casting them in different directions. Odd. Explanations?

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2 thoughts on “Two poses: one frozen, one nonchalant

  1. jarrah95

    The first time i saw it, the different types of benches are what got me, but then i read it and realised what you said about the statue.

    From what I see I think what you thought was a shadow is actually a reflection, and just dark because its silhouetted.

    • Indeed. I realised that just after I posted, but I think it’s a strange ‘look’ none the less. I kind of wish the woman was sitting on the bench closer to the camera, but hey, you can’t win them all!


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