Memories aren’t disposable

This is a tribute. 6 years ago, I headed to Indonesia for a 3 week surf adventure. I took two of those classic little waterproof disposable cameras: no zoom or focus control, crazy colours and inevitable hours of waiting for the corner shop developer to finish with them.

Why am I talking about this now? Because the most excellent fearinenglish has recently posted about these little photographic gems, and I’ve been inspired to dig up some of my shots. Here’s a selection!

Stuck inside at Supersuck, aka the best wave in the world.

Racetrack at Uluwatu, fuzzily throwing out a barrel.

Tom stalling into, I think, the end bowl at G-Land?

Classic poo stance at sunset, Scar Reef, Sumbawa.

Money Trees, the second main section at G-Land, wedging up for a lucky punter.

These are probably painting a rosy picture of the somewhat awful little cameras – mysteriously, all the rubbish shots aren’t on my computer! They did give some magic moments though; I think this is the best shot I managed on about 15 of the beasts over about 5 years of mucking about with them.

An unknown at the epic Scar Reef evening session, July 2005. Was pretty stoked when this one came out of the packet...

So here’s to the disposable camera: bringing photographic glory, or at least the dream of it, into the clutching grasp of skint young-uns for years!

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9 thoughts on “Memories aren’t disposable

  1. Nice photos Dave – particularly like the 4th one down (‘poo stance’) – the colours are rather psychedelic.


  2. Alana

    Great photos. So much energy! Such bravery! Those waves look scary and dangerous!

  3. M@

    Heh – I for one would like to see a statistic on how many memories go to landfill, and a conservationist campaign against that.

  4. Skint young ‘uns…good name for a band! Fun pix. Sounds like a great trip.

  5. Fark yeah! Some sick ones, looks like you scored. I never made it to Supersuck but it’s on the list. You gonna be around in London last week in November? I’ll be there Nov 22-29. Have ya managed any surfs in the UK yet?

  6. Aahh good old film memories :) cool stuff :)))

  7. Thanks everyone!

    @fearinenglish – yup, still here for at least a few more months. Drop me an email on davidr dot sci at gmail dot com if you fancy a beverage while you’re in town.

  8. Wow who knew you could get such sick shots from those waterproof cameras. I love the scar reef shot, awesome back lighting. Indonesia is an amazing place! You should go again, I visit every year and am always sad to leave. Have you been to Nusa Lembongan? The surf spots are Shipwrecks, laserations, playgrounds, razors and chiniginis (sp?). It’s beyond my favorite island the people there are amazing.


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