I don’t see these back home

The sheer vibrance of colour in autumn is such a novelty for me.

Even though I’ve been here for more than a year now, the distinct changing of the seasons in the northern hemisphere is still a surprise for me. I went for a walk in Battersea Park to take in some of the autumn colour. It was cool and windy, but the park’s got many little hills and pockets of secluded vegetation. The wind had trapped this leaf in a branch, where a ray of light illuminated it for me.

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6 thoughts on “I don’t see these back home

  1. Alana

    Beautiful shot! We are surrounded with beauty like this. People are just too rushed to look around them…sadly. Reminds me of the saying “Take the time to smell the roses”…

  2. Anonymous

    What a gorgeous shot. Now we have Aganpanthus in full bloom in our neighbourhood.

  3. Chris

    So am not anonymous.

  4. Peter

    no maples or oak trees in adelaide?

    tasmania has many oaks in the towns and a lot of other deciduous trees and when i was down there this year autumn came on nice and slowly – i really liked it and took plenty of photos, although i didn’t get such a nice photo.

    canberra is reputed to have a nice colourful autumn and so do the nsw highlands.

  5. Admittedly Pete, in the Botanical Gardens and around some parts of Adelaide, there’s plenty of deciduous trees and some of the avenues do go full colour. However where we were living, it was on the edge of ‘bush’, and the seasonal change was minimal (and the Gold Coast, well, what seasons?!)

  6. I know exactly what you mean!! I’m from Hawai’i and there are NO seasons there. We classify seasons by wave size (Winter season does not mean cold, it means big waves, summer means you go to town to surf etc.). However, I’m currently in the mainland visiting Tennessee and there are leaves everywhere of every color. I love it! Awesome photo, stunning lighting. BTW I traveled to Australia this past July for the first time. Went from Sydney to Brisbane via car. Fell in looove with the country especially Byron Bay, not so much the gold coast though =/ I just don’t think I saw the right parts of it (I went to surfers). Anyway sorry for rambling, you are very talented =]


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