Gasping for sunshine

London has been suffocating under a grey blanket for the past couple of weeks. Today was a dose, an injection, a ray of sunshine, to entice people outdoors and into the world. I went for another walk in Battersea Park, and it was the opposite of last week: full of people and bright light.

I really like this shot, because of what it captures - people enjoying Autumn's sunny resplendence.

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7 thoughts on “Gasping for sunshine

  1. Happy you got some vitamin D. Beyond Beautiful shot =]

  2. Debra Kolkka

    You should come to Italy, the autumn has been gorgeous. We have mostly had bright sunny days in Bagni di Lucca. Today was glorious in the mountains.

  3. Alana

    I think you should come to
    America! You will love Key West, Fla….

  4. Gorgeous photo! Autumn’s low, slanting light makes everything look better. Cloudy or not, it’s still London…lucky you!

  5. Thanks everyone! Yes, the glory of a nice Autumn day isn’t something I’m used to – though today it was misty, cold and grey all day. Two sides of the coin!

  6. Chris

    We have been baking through an uncharacteristic November heat wave on the Gold Coast…without rain! Beautiful for the beach and impending holidays, but not so good for the gardens.

  7. View of Battersea Park at the autumn is really beautiful!


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