And a few more stragglers arrive

I took so many photos of Battersea in the past week or so, I can’t just put up 3! Here’s 3 more. Then I promise I’ll post about other stuff. Promise. Cross my heart.

Hot tip: Rolling down a gentle slope into a drift of autumn leaves, then looking dizzily up at a huge tree, is fun for adults as well as kids!

The haze and the harsh afternoon sun whitewashed the view around the Thames corner.

Another random part of Battersea Park - I assume when rain falls, not leaves, this becomes a water feature.

OK, that’s enough!

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4 thoughts on “And a few more stragglers arrive

  1. Wow! These are great shots! I just love the season fall! My cousin and I just started our own blog about photography and was wondering if you’d like to check it out. Please comment, follow, or like!

  2. Beautiful autumn!!

  3. Alana

    Magical! Your mind is in every cell of your body, so “soak it in”…

  4. Chris

    Breathtaking shots, especially the third one. Battersea Park is beautiful.


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