We are at the pinnacle of a pyramid, standing on the shoulders of Giants…

Sometimes, captured images can just blow my mind. I’ve just had one of those moments.

Courtesy of George at Biochemical Brother, I watched Michael Konig’s reworking of time lapses taken from the International Space Station of late. It’s brilliant. Take 5 minutes, and watch it. I advise muting the Vimeo version’s music, and putting on a bit of Radiohead (below) to creep it all out a little. Fullscreen is, of course, a must.

Think of all the convergent lines of human endeavour that have culminated in our ability to appreciate our unique world like this. All the people, their struggles, their tedium, the dramas of their lives… some celebrated in history, but so many stories lost. We’ve come a long way from the time of celestial spheres, and we can’t take for granted the effort that’s gone into imagining, building and understanding the world we live in.

Where will we go next?

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