Bridging the Gap

Besides the completely obvious pun in this title, there’s another one: over the course of a few days, the Albert Bridge was ‘dressed up’ in an over-the-top light display. However, on this evening, they hadn’t completed it all, so there’s a slightly odd-looking gap in the lighting.

So many colour temperatures in this picture...

Now, the lights extend all the way across, and while the effect is OK, it’s wastefully bright – hard to photograph, and poor form in terms of energy use too. What’s the point? To blind the skippers of boats in the area? Oh well.

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One thought on “Bridging the Gap

  1. Alana

    I share your feelings. The whole point is to get people in the Holiday Mood so that they will BUY MORE PRESENTS! We are living in a SHOW ME THE MONEY society. (sadly) It’s no longer the throughtfulness of a gift, it’s HOW MUCH DID IT COST? The things we NEED can’t be bought.


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