Utter Rubbish

American Beauty. That’s what you’re thinking right? If you’re not, go watch the movie, then come back.

Back? OK. Walking back late from an event in central London, I was about to go up the steps to cross the Thames and saw this bag. It was anchored on the spot by something inside it, but was flailing around in the breeze.

It struck me as decidedly organic (chemists, please don’t hate me for that turn of phrase). Trapped at the bottom of a set of lonely stairs, it was tugging at its roots, longing to be picked up by the breeze and blown away from the stationary stone.

So I took a picture. And now, 15 seconds of the bag’s vain struggle are frozen forever. Do you think it will escape?

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One thought on “Utter Rubbish

  1. Alana

    How many beers did u have before you started to climb the stairs??lol American Beauty is an old
    movie! Come on! What’s in that silly bag? Release the little critter and go have another beer!

    The photo IS interesting! Notice the misty affect on top of Mystery Bag…did the moisture cause

    Hey! I have a complaint with the London Times! Those creeps will not show articles UNLESS YOU
    PAY FOR THEM! (I’m an American) What tight wads! Oh, I could go on and on about this…but
    choose not to.

    Oh, some of us in America, and the UK are discussing the Madeline McCann case. Wow! I’m amazed that “certain parties” are not in jail. (Those parties are sue happy, so will not say their
    names…sure u understand)

    Hey, Pick that bag up! Let ur faithful readers (me ) know what’s in it! Just do it…a brisk walk will
    be good for u!

    Also, let ur faithful readers (me) know if the garish lights are still on the bridge…OR did people
    complain about the waste… don’t leave your “faithful readers” (me) DANGLING!

    Have a restful evening….after you open Mystery Bag.


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