Blue Sunday

Deciding against a wave at Westcape

Discretion is the better part of valour, right?

Frontside Dropknee

Shot using a disposable film camera, by either Tom or Sean - dropping the knee at Straddie back in '05!

Not much to say about these really – just had a quick dig around in the archive. Quite a contrast: the first, pulling out of a thumping closeout on a chilly grey day in the South Australian wilderness, and the second, shot on film, dropknee, at a warm water beach break near home.

I should have gone it.

Though this is what happened when I did, on a different wave…

A whuppin'.

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2 thoughts on “Blue Sunday

  1. Alana

    This looks so dangerous! Be careful. Hope no sharks are in the waters near you…

  2. There might be, though I’ve never been bothered by one. It’s a lot of fun, there are some dangers, but kind of like any other sport. I’d rather get thumped by a wave than fall off a bike, for example!


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