Yellow Wednesday

I’m going to be as creative as possible with titles for Rainbow Week*

Today’s colour: yellow. Yellow? What’s yellow? Hmmm. I had some options, so I’ll go with the two I thought of first.

Ferricyanide is about as yellow as chemicals get. Well, there's sulphur I guess...

This one should probably have been kept for orange, but it's a nice transition.

And just because you’ve probably never heard of them, here’s Appleseed Cast, with Forever Longing the Golden Sunsets. This song just ‘feels’ like an ode to that yearning for nature’s gentle yet stunning spectacle…

*Just kidding, no I’m not.

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2 thoughts on “Yellow Wednesday

  1. Chris

    No, Our Lady Margaret did not immediately jump to mind when I heard the word Sulpher. Where did you find that ancient school vid? Fabulous photo, you could use it again for orange..

  2. It’s not actually ancient – Look Around You was produced relatively recently, as a spoof on those vids. Lots of the stuff in it is just blatantly wrong – and their disposal of everything into the bin, followed by shooting it, made me crack up!


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