Orange Thursday

I considered Cinnamon Thursday, but was worn down by tradition.

All the action in this shot comes from something orange (and gravity, and surface tension) but it's not orange enough for my liking.

To get you in the mood for the next couple of pictures, here’s an appropriate music video. What else could it be, but…

That's closer... but surely I've got a photo of a fungus that's more orange than this...?

I have a feeling this mushroom's not actually that orange, but it's basking in the russet glow of the soon-to-be decomposing leaves around it.

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3 thoughts on “Orange Thursday

  1. did you take the last pic in London this year? i think london is at its most beautiful in autumn , when all the parks are covered with leaves :)

  2. Chris

    I know that fungus. It was a whiter shade of pale in the end.

  3. Intomind, yes, this was about a month ago I think, in Battersea Park. It’s definitely the best part of the year here!


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