There’s a lesson to be learned in this

and you’ve learned it very well.

It’s that my slightly twisted sense of humour will rarely let me carry a pedestrian theme to completion! But without further ado, I satisfy your craving for that most lusty and dangerous colour: Red.

What would be redder than a Chinese New Year party?

Of course, though, I can’t just rely on lanterns to light up your Saturday.

A dragonfly gets buzzed on Battle Camp Road. "Nice." I hear you say, "But where's the RED?"

Ask, and ye shall receive…

That's getting better. But it's half gone. 98 to go...

It's tacky and touristy, but it's definitely a splash of bright red to end the rainbow this week.

And so ends a week of colour-themed picture posts. Hopefully, I’ll have something a little more meaningful to say tomorrow (accompanied by a picture, of course), to satisfy those haters who voted “No. Post more words.” in that fateful poll…

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3 thoughts on “There’s a lesson to be learned in this

  1. Alana

    What’s the lesson?

  2. Alana

    Maybe you will get a lusty red jacket for a Christmas present, along with a big bottle of red wine!
    Then Do the Town Red! lol

  3. Chris

    I see red. I see red, I see red! Some good supporting tracks. Thanks for the rainbow.


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