Two clicks

This whole ‘post every day’ thing is proving to be a lark. By which I mean, difficult. Mainly because of a heady mix of work and socialising, which is set to continue until next Saturday night on a fairly non-stop basis!

Here’s a couple of sites I click through to occasionally if I feel like a bit of a giggle. Well, in the second case, not so much:

Feminist Ryan Gosling – an exploration into the world of feminism, viewed through the lens of Ryan Gosling. The absurdity of the concept is matched only by the good execution and surprising popularity of the site.

Oh, yes you did.

Ugly Renaissance Babies – this can be positively creepy. What were the artists thinking?

Enjoy being on a click adventure. Also, a hat tip to fearinenglish, whose excellent travel blog has now wrapped up. His post about London captures many of my mixed feelings about living in this huge city. I’ve lived vicariously through his stories and pictures of faraway waves and lands – now I need to find a new way to explore the world digitally!

And of course, my picture for the day…

The last 'good' picture I took at the Robotville event at the Science Museum. A child interacting with a childbot - a little creepy, perhaps, but they were enjoying it.

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3 thoughts on “Two clicks

  1. I’ll admit…the Ryan Gosling tag brought me to your blog but I’m glad I stumbled across it because I love your sense of humor :)

  2. Alana

    So glad that you are enjoying the holidays! Stay safe, and have a Merry Christmas! Alana

  3. Thanks Alana, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the break when it comes! And Mariah, heh, thanks – there’s something very strange about the Ryan Gosling-Feminist thing, but it’s funny and apparently he’s big on the cause so why not?


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