Thames Ablaze

Saturday was a good day. The morning was freezing (literally – I saw my first frost of the winter!), but I dragged myself out of bed and over to Camden to meet some friends. We shot some little bits and bobs of video for an uncoming thingy-majig, while marvelling at the winter sunshine and ridiculously tame squirrels. Yes, photos will come soon.

Then, after a tube trip home and a fruitless attempt to find a good brownie for a special mission, I noticed the sun dropping towards some promising-looking clouds on the horizon. I rarely photograph sunsets, and find them a little cheesy, but the crisp, clear air, the rippling river and the positively spectacular light show put on by the sky did dazzle me.

I'm not sure what this building is, but it looked cool in silhouette.

I wish I could have seen it from higher up, but somehow, my vantage point was almost devoid of other people or the usual London noise, and I was able to chill for half an hour (literally – it was only about 4C) as the sky transformed from golden, through orange, pink and then to a deep, rich blue.


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3 thoughts on “Thames Ablaze

  1. Henk

    I recognise this photo from Thomas Crown affair , a cool heist!

  2. Chris

    The buliding looks like a Chinese pagoda.

  3. Henk; you’ve got me! I can do it cheaper than $200 though…


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