A bit of lip on a Friday

Inside Lip of Wave

Inside-out view from the shadow of a thick, glassy wave.

The ability to freeze the view from a fraction of a second and examine it later is one of the marvels of modern photography.

The fact that the camera I took this with fit in the palm of my hand is even more mind blowing.

None of it, though, matches the stunning beauty of the phenomenon captured. This wave is completely unique, a physical manifestation of the energy reaching our planet from the Sun, crashing towards land to dissipate into nothing.

Fun to ride, too.

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2 thoughts on “A bit of lip on a Friday

  1. Chris

    Do you think they are over the wave images??? Toi Toi speaking. Sauv Blanc.

  2. Chris

    Just thought I’d hazard ‘a bit of lip’ myself!


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